Publish from anywhere with your frontmatter blog

Why should you be left out of a cross device writing experience because you’re using a static site? Bureau takes away the pain of manually moving posts to your codebase and gives you the writing experience you need.

Automated versioning with Git

When you create a new post Bureau automatically creates a branch—keep working on drafts as long as you need. Open a pull request when you’re done and find yourself publishing more than ever.

Component autocomplete

Bureau finds MDX components and autocompletes them for you—taking the best bits of a code editor combined with a beautiful writing experience. Start writing a component for autocomplete or use the menu.

Markdown as standard

Bureau provides a first-class markdown editing experience, by using the same library as you.

Frontmatter templates

It’s pretty tedious starting a new frontmatter post, isn’t it? The editor works with your frontmatter and will generate timestamps, ID’s and more. All with a simple setup—we’ll find your config or generate one with Bureau.

Typed content

Bureau will look to see if your frontmatter is typed and if not you can let Bureau know.

Works with your code

Bureau doesn’t care about the framework you use. Add your Git repository or start a new one and Bureau will look after your content. This is the publishing experience for static websites.